Doing Good in the World

Yes, we're a technology company. We also believe that whatever business we're in, we're always in the people business.

Technology is a tool to improve life. The right technology can help a small local family-run restaurant achieve their dream. And avoid going out of business. The right technology can make it easier for administrative assistants to "make the whole office happy" without it taking up half their morning. We know moms don't need it to be so difficult to pick up lunch for a minivan full of kids. Everyday, we see chefs and waiters and the professionals and families they serve benefit from ToGoTechnologies.

We like to say "waiting is so five minutes ago." Its not because we're promoting impatience or rushing through life. To the contrary. We hope that our technology frees up so many previously wasted "5 minutes" that everyone gets more time for the things that matter most.

Go ahead. Do absolutely anything else with your time.